Video testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%

Customer testimonial videos are the best way to establish social proof among your customers. These days, just saying that your product or service works isn’t quite enough to convince people to purchase. However, a testimonial from past customers with positive experiences can seriously compel potential buyers.


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How do we craft a testimonial video?

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The team at Memoury will look to you to connect us with your happiest, most satisfied customers. We'll work together to decide who may be the best, most natural candidates for the camera. Once we select our top choices, we then figure out the best location to film. It may be in your office building, at your shop, or even in the comfort of your customer's home.


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Case study

Natural Health asked us to film a testimonial video for them with the end goal being Facebook & Instagram advertising. When tested against traditional media, our testimonial ad performed better than any of us could have imagined, as their click-through rate increased by over 400 percent.


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Popular Questions

How long does the testimonial video process take?

We need one week notice to film, and edits are completed within two weeks of filming.

How much do testimonial videos cost?

We have several options depending on what is required, such as the number of individual interviewees, the number of cameras needed, and video length. This allows us to serve both small businesses and agencies, as well as large corporations. Testimonial videos typically cost between $4,000-$10,000. Please contact us with the basic details of your project.

Is there anything you need from me?

We’ll work with you in figuring out the number of testimonial interviews you're looking to get. After selecting the top candidates, we'll discuss the visual style of the video, if you may want extra footage (b-roll) of the environment, and what locations will work best.

Have an urgent request?

We can get your project finalized in less than 2 weeks.

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